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​Reiki For Professional Athletes

Reiki For Athletes

Case Study:

New Zealand Cyclist Hayden Roulston turned his life around with Reiki:  ​​

"In 2006, Roulston was diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart disease.  ​​After 2 months of reluctant retirement,
Roulston came upon Reiki which he explained as a Japanese healing method that gave him the peace-of-mind to get
back in the saddle.  Since coming back in late 2006, Roulston has made almost every domestic post a winner and in
the Beijing Olympics he won a silver medal in the men's individual pursuit and a bronze medal in the team event. 
It was the first time that a New Zealand track Cyclist won two medals."

​What is Reiki?   (pronounced "Ray-Key")

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on treatment that powerfully transmits unlimited healing energy promoting a state of balance and well-being. Our specially-trained Reiki Masters of Elite Energetics deliver this restorative, pure energy providing relief from stress, exhaustion, injury and pain. Clients receive Reiki treatments fully-clothed relaxing on a massage table or seated comfortably in a chair while the practitioner places hands on or above the body in various positions. Sessions are profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating, providing healing on a cellular level of body, mind and spirit.

On-the-spot relief can also be provided with Reiki anywhere, any time. Reiki is very portable! It is completely safe with no known side effects and enhances all standard medical therapies as well as other complementary modalities.

​Is Reiki the same as massage? No, Reiki is NOT massage

Standard massage typically manipulates the muscles and surrounding tissues using physical force unless the therapists has been trained to employ other modalities. Reiki uses energy which not only affects the muscles; it deeply penetrates every cell of the body. This energy is transmitted by lightly touching or holding the hands near the body and its power is profoundly effective. Although this is done without force, the client experiences deep relief and relaxation while the energy ignites the body's own power to relax and heal from within. Often we are told that the effects of Reiki are longer-lasting and in addition to the physical benefits, there are many emotional and cognitive benefits that are not present with massage. Reiki affects the entire body and the mind, the person as a whole being.
So, Reiki is not massage but it can, like massage, be used to provide relaxation in addition to the previously-mentioned benefits.
(Incidentally, massage therapists sometimes choose to be trained to do Reiki. Adding Reiki to a massage deepens the effects of the massage.)


Reiki Improves Performance in Athletes

​Reiki stimulates and expands the athlete's own natural healing power and performance capacity as well as provides recuperative relaxation.  Recovery time for the athlete is greatly reduced as Reiki boosts the immune system.  Deep healing and a sense of peace are ignited from within.  Recovery occurs more easily, physical blockages shift more quickly and the professional athlete's talents flourish as the player's personal energy is infused with the brilliant power of Reiki.

Reiki provides the physical, cognitive and emotional renewal required for an athlete to perform

consistently at the highest possible level.  Functioning from a position of balance, better health, clarity and confidence, goals are reached and surpassed with optimum capability an greater ease.

In addition to improving performance, receiving Reiki feels Great! 

Reiki Boosts Self Confidence  & Team Performance

Reiki fortifies an athlete’s performance by reducing fear and worry.  It not only strengthens and relaxes the body; it deepens confidence, memory, and intuition.  Reiki increases clarity of thought and creativity so that new ways of reaching goals are available before and during performance.  It helps the athlete and coach to ‘think out of the box’ with greater ease.

Just as Reiki promotes balance within an individual athlete, it also builds harmony within a team, leading to better team performance.  It rejuvenates the group as well as the individual player as Reiki energy reconnects and balances physical systems within the body.  It also has a way of energetically reconnecting people within their chosen group, enabling improved communication among team members.



Reiki for Stress Relief

Mental and Emotional Stress

Professional athletes are unique in the way they work tirelessly to be the absolute best they can be.  It’s not enough to be good. Athletes strive to exceed the expectations of teammates, coaches and themselves, their harshest critics.  There is enormous pressure to win for the team as well as a passionate drive to achieve a new personal best.  It is a challenge to be mentally and emotionally resilient during unpredictable cycles of wins, losses, injuries, and fatigue.  Reiki, administered by our gifted practitioners of Elite Energetics, improves the athlete’s resilience, mental focus and outlook on life.  Reiki helps the athlete muster all of the power within to reach new heights of mental clarity and physical performance.


Travel Stress

Travel can be a stressful part of the athlete’s lifestyle.  It’s often hard to be away from family and to maintain relationships, balancing work and personal life.  When there are tight schedules to stick to, it can be difficult to maintain healthy routines.  Also, many athletes find that they have trouble getting enough good sleep while on the road.  Reiki reduces insomnia and deepens sleep.  It provides comfort on the road as well as helps maintain inner-balance wherever the athlete might be located.


Calm, Focused and Centered: An Athlete’s Stress Transformed

Each athlete must deal with the stressors of training and competition.  In team sports, an additional layer of stress results from working with other players, multiple coaches, and sponsors.  Reiki can help the athlete develop a sense of physical and mental calm, an inner harmony that helps even the most challenged athlete stay focused and able to work better with others.  In the face of an unusually high-stress environment, Reiki supports the individual athlete to maintain the drive needed to win while maintaining his or her serenity at the same time!


Reiki and Recovery From Sports Injury

Reiki can be used anywhere in an instant.  This practical nature of Reiki makes it versatile and limitless in its effects.  While regular post-injury table sessions can be used to rehabilitate an injured athlete, Reiki can also be used in the field for immediate treatment of injuries.  It can help to minimize swelling and bleeding, relieve pain and accelerate the healing of wounds, sprains, strains, scrapes, burns, etc... 

Not only does Reiki make the healing process more comfortabl​e, it also reduces the healing time of​ ​injurie​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​s so athletes return to the field quicker. UFC Fighers Kenny Florian, Jorge Gurgel, Pat Cote and Marcus Davis have Reiki sessions to assist them in overcoming injuries and to speed recovery from intensive training.

A winning team is one that is ready to play.  Reiki’s healing power  helps injured athletes get back in the game faster.

Post-Workout Recovery

Athletes train long and hard to build their endurance, skill and strength.  Vigorous training is crucial for robust athletic performance, but it can take a toll on the body.  Reiki helps the athlete's body recover faster on a cellular level and resist injury more effectively during vigorous training. Additionally, the process of  strengthening is supported when Reiki is administered in an ongoing program.

Reiki In Spas, Wellness Centers & Hospitals

​In addition to growing in popularity on track and field, Reiki is quickly taking hold In many of our well-known medical facilities.  Reiki's presence is world-wide and offered in the USA in over 800 hospitals including New York  Presbyterian, Memorial Sloan  Kettering, Beth Israel and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital.

Reiki accelerates recovery from surgery, reduces side-effects of intrusive procedures and improves mental attitude, reducing anxiety and insomnia.  Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiac surgeon and television host, employs a Reiki Master in his operating room, noting that patients receiving Reiki do not endure the depression that normally follows cardiac surgery and they heal faster.  Many nurses and doctors are being trained in Reiki as are people from all walks of life.  Just as Acupuncture and Yoga have been mainstreamed, Reiki's contribution to wellness and empowerment is growing exponentially. 



Elite Energetics Reiki is an invaluable tool in supporting the professional athlete physically and emotionally.  It is restorative and renewing for individual players as well as for the team as a whole.  It physically reinvigorates on a cellular level which empowers each player to perform at the highest level possible with optimum strength, skill, clarity, and confidence.  Reiki for professional athletes...the Winning Edge!



​Wendy has been doing remote Reiki sessions on my injured knee because we had to leave for California a week after I was injured. The orthopedist in New York said that I had a hairline fracture. After receiving 3 sessions within ten days of getting hurt I felt significant improvement and my doctor in California could not detect a fracture on viewing the second x-ray.

I'm also sleeping better than I've slept in years and the feeling of frustration I had from being injured stopped immediately after the first session.  
-Stephen L.

During a weight training session, I dropped an 85lb weight on my hand. For a week I couldn't close my hand , hold anything and had severe pain in my hand and up my arm. After a 10 minute session with Joy, my pain was gone and I had full mobility . I haven't had any issues with my hand since.
-Ian D

I have consulted many medical doctors and many kinds of 'alternative' practitioners in many parts of the globe in order to heal numerous injuries and a few major health challenges. I believe in standard medical care and have also grown to accept and benefit from energy therapy, discovering that it can be miraculous if you find the right practitioner. Wendy Lipson is the most gifted practitioner I have encountered.
For over twenty years I have referred friends and family to her without hesitation.  She is highly skilled, highly intuitive and truly compassionate. Her work is brilliant.    
-Sheila W.

Limited range of motion and nauseating pain were getting in the way of functioning, day and night. My shoulder injury was even waking me up at night if I forgot to sleep on the uninjured side of my body. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I no longer need pain medication and my shoulder is getting better and better due to receiving Reiki.    
-Mark B.
 Upon arrival to my Reiki session Joy immediately made me feel very welcome and at ease. The entire session was incredibly relaxing and all my prior stresses quickly melted away. After the session Joy answered all of my questions about the session, she is very knowledgeable and helped me to understand the process a lot more. A great experience that I would recommend to anyone.
-Klaudia S

Wendy Lipson has changed my life. She would tell you that I changed my own life with the help of Reiki. But she is the person who delivered Reiki to me, transforming pain and fear into strength and confidence and hope. My own power was returned to me. She delivered me back to myself physically and emotionally. I am now excelling professionally and receiving more of what I need in other areas as well.  There are no words to describe her expertise and her kindness.    
-Nahoko T.

The Reiki sessions feel so good. Like taking a vacation and returning renewed.  Your body feels like you are younger and your brain feels like its been reset and refreshed. It's like the stress is washed away and your body and mind are transported to another zone. You feel lighter and free and grateful. Being in Wendy's hands is an experience you don't ever forget.   
- Thomas W.

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