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Elite Energetics Reiki
  The Winning Edge!

​"The longer you've played, the longer it takes for your body to recover. Reiki is a great tool.  it gives football players time to relax and rejuvenate their body. It does have a place in football." 
--Charles Way, former New York Giants

Three-Time Master’s Champion Phil Mickelson and players from both the Chicago White Sox and New York Giants organizations are just a few known to get Reiki treatments to improve their overall performance.

​​* Relieves muscle soreness & stiffness

​* Helps prevent severe injuries​

* Improves post-workout recovery​

* Speeds up healing of injuries

* Improves concentration and focus

* Boosts memory, focus and intuition

* Excellent on-the-spot treatment for new injuries

* Clears mind of fear & promotes confidence

* Rejuvenates  individual players

* Promotes better team performance

* It feels great!

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